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Commercial and Industrial Moving

*All Moves are subject to 3 hr minimum 

Commercial and Industrial Rates | Amazing Moving & Storage

Our moving and storage solutions aren't just for home!  We have a wide variety of options and services available for your commercial and industrial needs, from transport to storage spaces.  We would be happy to assist your business with any moving needs, and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us for a free custom quote today.

Monday - Sunday (and Holidays)*

With 26' Truck & Equipment

  • 2 movers with truck - $140/hr

  • 3 movers with truck - $180/hr

  • 4 movers with truck - $220/hr

  • Additional Men, Per mover - $40/hr

Open Space Office

Commercial Moving | Amazing Moving & Storage

Amazing Moving will take care of your commercial moving needs. From small office spaces to corporate headquarters, we've got the materials, equipment, and efficieny  to handle your commercial moving needs. Whether you need a long distance or local distanc commercial move, turst us to carry your office furniture, computers, printers, and more!

Business Meeting

Local Commercial

Moving Services

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Looking for a local commercial mover? Get the short distance move you've been looking for.  We provide a short distance move within your city, neighborhood, or country.  We are able to provide affordable and efficient local moving services throuhgout the year.  Worry less, and call the expert movers at Amazing Moving at (503) 329-7854.

Long Distance

Commercial Moving 

Trust Amazing Moving for your long distance commercial moving needs. We are able to help our long distance customers throughout the entire moving process. We provide interstate moving for your business moving cross country. We understand planning your long distance move can be much stressful than a local move. We are here to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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